Rocco Raimundo x Satin Jackets x LNTG

What’s better than some funky disco edits and some heart pounding slow lovin’ on a rainy day?

Well, that’s what Rocco Raimundo, Satin Jackets and Late Nite Tuff Guy have in common, good music to dance to and make you smile like a fat kid on cheesecake while revisiting some good old classics!

I just stumble into something good, real good! Rocco Raimundo is a 20 something french producer/DJ currently living in Monaco. He’s navigating in between sexy women strippin”slow disco and funky ass shakin’ edits (and originals).


Here’s a preview of his music, for more visit his soundcloud & facebook


Satin Jackets has been one of my favorite for over a year now and he can’t seem to stop amaze me with his sensual panties droppin’ good vibes. Everything he touch is golden. This german producer sure knows how on to make music and I mean real music from the heart, not that commercial shit on a canvas.



Here is some of his work, for more visit is soundcloud & facebook


and this mix is so fluid it could fool you into thinking it’s only one track


Last but not least Australian DJ/Producer/Remixer Late Night Tuff Guy (LNTG) has been makin’ some serious kickboxing punch on the web with his special edit/rework/remix of numerous classics!

Here it is

for more, soundcloud & facebook


Please feel free to visit their pages and buy their work if you dig it!


Xenon Gibbs

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